My REDBOOK Freebie Experiment

Read About My Freebie Experiment in REDBOOK

Have you ever scored a really great freebie? What did you have to do to get it? A while back I got a freebie for complaining. Yes, I liked getting the $20 gift card since I had experienced such bad customer service, but I didn’t like having to be negative to get it. So I set off to prove that kindness really does pay. I wrote 50 companies 50 letters. No, not emails, but real letters. I wrote them, signed them and stuffed them in stamped envelopes. I sent them to companies that I really do like just to tell them that I appreciated their hard work.

Want to know what happened during my kindness experiment? You’ll have to pick up the June issue of REDBOOK. It’s on sale now– just look for the fabulous Shania Twain on the cover.

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  • Charles Bordner - How manly is it to have a Redbook magazine in my home? Well Shania is on the cover. Who cares…I’m buying!!!! Congrats on your article.

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