How an Article Made Me Gain Five Pounds

WIth Love and Confection LuvssantThe July issue of Belle is on stands and nestled inside among my feature on Francine Bryson, the star of The American Baking Competition, and an interview with a food truck operator is the reason I gained five pounds during bikini season. It’s simultaneously one of my all-time favorite assignments and one of my least favorite. It’s a little piece called “25 Things to Eat Before You Die.” Here’s a sampling of some of the things I was forced to eat as “research” for this powerful piece of journalism:

  • cheesecake cupcakes
  • lemon bar
  • gluten-free brownie
  • a pimento cheese-stuffed burger
  • onion rings
  • fried pickles
  • homemade bologna
  • muscles in cream sauce
  • sweet potato souffle
  • and much, much, MUCH more

So if you’re in the Upstate and you can’t think of where to go for dinner, check out the July issue of Belle. I did the hard work for you.

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  • Lee Anne - I read this article and was so inspired. I suggested to my husband that we take on the challenge. We have already checked off five “things”. We are going to invite our friends in Greenville to join us. What fun! Thanks for all your “hard” work.

  • Alison - That’s great Lee Anne! I’m confident that you will have a great time stepping up to the challenge. As I’m sure you’ll see, it was often very tough to select just one thing off the menu. Keep me posted and let me know what your favorites were!

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