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  • Annie Haynie - Hi Alison,

    My name is Annie Haynie and I am Mary Lu Saylor’s best friend. She suggested I contact you.

    My friend, Rev. Elise Barrett, has recorded a CD and is launching it in Spartanburg on Oct. 23. I need a contact at WLFJ and saw your name. I decided to ask ML about contacting you first to see who I should send the press kit to. I know there’s a song or two in the press kit.

    Some of the songs came from a period in Elise’s life (about 2 years ago) when her husband (and my pastor) was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins leukemia. He had a bone marrow transplant in Jan. 2013. They have 3 children (all under 6 at the time!) She has also written a book on miscarriage from a Christian perspective.

    In my book, Elise is a rock star for God!

    Any help you can lend will be greatly appreciated.

    If you need to reach my by phone, call my cell. 864.948.6089.

    Thanks Alison!!!

    Annie Haynie

  • Blake Pierman - Hello Alison, I enjoyed your article on getting a product on QVC, my 9 year old daughter came up with the idea of the product that we are currently trying to Market. I was hoping you could take a look at it and let me know what you think of it and if you have any ideas for us to get it to the Market Place. We currently have 3000 units on hand in inventory but now we aren’t sure where and how we take it from here. You can see it at and give me your thoughts. We have sold several to friends and families and they all use it and love the product, not to mention it solves the hassle of kids not getting to enjoy what they like on their Pizza. Thank You Alison Blake

  • Debbie Pridmore - How can our office get copies of the Belle magazine?

  • Michelle Johnson - Hi Alison,

    I just read your article on how to sell on HSN and QVC and was just wondering if you could suggest a broker? Thanks.

    Michelle Johnson

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