3 Livesavers During the No-Spend Challenge

Last week we kicked off a two-week no-spend challenge in my house. It’s a pretty simple concept. For two weeks you don’t spend any money. Instead you get creative with recipes using what’s been sitting in your pantry for a while. You seek out free entertainment. And you cross the stuff off your to-do list that you normally don’t have time to do because you’re out running errands. Seriously though, one of the major benefits of the no-spend challenge is more time to do things other than run to the grocery store, mall or TJ Maxx.

3 lifesavers

We are halfway done with the challenge and honestly I feel like we could tag on another week. We still have plenty of food and we’ve discovered ways to make it easier. Here are three things that have made this challenge painless:

1. Free Coffee at Starbucks

starbucks tumbler

I gave my hubby this tumbler for Christmas. For $30 it came with free coffee during the entire month of January. I also had $10 in free Starbucks from using the coupon app Ibotta. And on top of that I have a free earned reward just waiting to be cashed in.



My plan was to use my $12.50 in Extra Care Bucks at CVS for milk and possibly bread. However my husband got the flu. So last night I picked up a two-pack of DayQuil/NyQuil which was on sale for $13.99. I still had to pay $2.18 even after using up all my ECBs. I’ll have to buy some milk, but the point is I’m not spending any money on non-essentials.

3. Memberships

sammy at childrens museum

We have spent a lot more time at the gym in the last week. My husband works out in the morning and I usually go in the afternoon. We also have a membership at the Children’s Museum which is a great source of free entertainment. Sammy’s favorite spot is this car at the bank teller station.

It’s amazing how little you can spend if you really put some effort into it!

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