August 2015 Belle: The Pet Issue

A bacon bubble blower? Butt covers? Doggie nail polish? This is no tall tail, er, tale. These unique pet products are actually sitting on store shelves and people are panting to buy them. According to CBS News, pet spending is creeping close to $60 billion, reaching an all-time high of $58.5 billion in 2014. Pets are becoming increasingly important members of the family and that means owners are willing to spend more money on feeding, sheltering, clothing, grooming, boarding, training, entertaining and caring for their four-legged friends. Read my full article in the August issue of Belle!

August 2015You can also catch my article on pet fostering and this month’s Girl Talk which features Spartanburg author Wendy Duke. Wendy has an incredible story about how she became a mother. You’ll love her new book Grace in the Middle!

Grace in the Middle

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