Celebrating My Birthday with Thankfullness

August 1, 2001 should have been my last day on earth.  You see, my very best friend was born 12 days before me and if all was equal in this world I should have died 12 days after she did. But I didn’t die on August 1, 2001. Nearly 14 years have gone by since she passed, and while I’ve grieved the loss of my best friend over all these years, Jess has also propelled me to take more chances, to hold less tightly on to material things, to choose happiness. From a very young age I’ve understood the brevity of life in a very real way. Jesus healed my heart from needless worry and fear of the unknown. I don’t have time for pointless grudges, boring novels or long commutes. So far I’ve been given 5,035 more days than she did. I may never know why, but I feel like I owe it to her to make each one count for something.

Jess and I celebrated 17 birthdays together. We exchanged Barbies and Beanie Babies. We ate pizza and cake and snow cones. Lots of snow cones. Her favorite flavor was Tigers Blood. So to celebrate my 36th birthday I decided to live out a childhood dream and give away free snow cones. Actually these are better than my childhood version (sorry Rainbow Snow!) It’s shaved ice, light, fluffy and amazing.

Bday Snow Cones 2

Jamie and Sean founded The Nomadik Few and they are two amazing young guys who are living out Colossians 3:23: Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord. This may look like a food stand, but they’re using it to share their faith with anyone they encounter.

Bday Snow Cones 1

They were worried that there wouldn’t be very many customers the day I showed up to sling ice. So Sean prayed for God to send customers and He definitely did! I made shaved ice doused in flavors like blueberry, red velvet cake and bubblegum for people of all ages including this sweet family! They even sang me happy birthday!

Bday Snow cones 3

In all I bought $61.50 worth of treats for perfect strangers and I honestly can’t imagine a better way to spend my birthday cash. I know Jess would have loved it.

Bday Snow Cones 4

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  • Juana Mikels - I know you had a happy birthday as you chose to serve others on your birthday. The love of Christ in you Alison is inspiring. I am off to follow your selfless example by God’s grace in whatever way He shows me today!

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