December Belle is Out!

Belle Dec. 2011The December issue of Belle is out and it’s definitely one of my favorites! I was able to interview Miss South Carolina Bree Boyce. She has an incredible story. She was severely overweight and at the age of 17 went to the doctor for knee pain. He told her to lose weight and gave her a handicap sticker for her car to use in the meantime. That was a huge wake up call for her. She ended up shedding more than 100 pounds and will compete for Miss America next month in Las Vegas. We also gave one lucky (and deserving) local lady a makeover. She too lost a lot of weight and is committed to a healthier lifestyle.

The issue includes not one, but two weekend getaway options if you’re craving a trip to the mountains. We also asked readers to show us their dots– polka dots that is! We wanted to see how Belle fans are sporting this popular fashion trend. Our Girl Talk section features a Q&A with author Tica Tallent whose book What Is Beautiful will help you feel confident and lovely at any age. Win a copy of her book in this month’s Facebook giveaway!

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