Going Green: Fashion, Makeup and Shamrock Shakes

St. Patrick’s Day is more than a week away, but I’ve already been going green. My boys and I went to Greenville’s Irish celebration yesterday and Sammy loved it! He loves to dance and does his own Irish jig. I guess those dance moves are just part of his DNA.

Green Irish Fest

I also wore a cute green dress to the Fashion With a Passion event, a fundraiser for Safe Harbor. It just so happened that my friend Kimberly Kelly was hosting the event and wearing the exact same color!

Green Fashion

We had the band Rend Collective in the HIS Radio studio on Thursday. They’re from Northern Ireland, the same county as my husband. We had fun with them and even gave them their very first McDonald’s green Shamrock Shake.green shamrock shakesAnd I went “green” in a different way for the March issue of Belle. Check out my article on eco-friendly makeup.

March 2015 Cover

It was pretty eye-opening for me when I learned about all the cancer-causing chemicals that some makeup contains. So I’m excited to incorporate more organic and natural brands into my beauty routine.

Green makeupHow are you going green this month?


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