November Belle: Celebrating Gratitude

Someone once said that it is impossible to feel grateful and depressed at the same moment. Every day we make a choice about whether we want to be thankful for what we have or dissatisfied with what we may think is missing from our lives. November offers such a great reminder of the importance of gratefulness when Thanksgiving comes around. So I developed the #ThankfulBelle challenge and I’d love for you to join in!


Take the 10-day challenge to help you not only identify blessings, but to celebrate them! Start this challenge at any time but be sure to add the #ThankfulBelle hashtag to your posts and pictures so we can join in your journey of thankfulness.

ThankfulChallenge1 (2)ThankfulChallenge2 (2)ThankfulChallenge3 (2)ThankfulChallenge4 (2)ThankfulChallenge5 (2)ThankfulChallenge6 (2)ThankfulChallenge7 (2)ThankfulChallenge8 (2)ThankfulChallenge9 (2)ThankfulChallenge10 (2)

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  • Luisa Jones - I am celebrating gratitude.
    I am joining for the 10 days.
    Thank you for the motivation
    Cause I need it!

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