Operation Good Tee: HIS Radio

Ever day at HIS Radio we pray for people who have submitted requests at HISRadio.com or called our prayer line. A couple of weeks ago I selected the prayer for our 6:30am prayer time and we prayed for the woman. Later that day I got an email from her saying that she heard us praying on air for her. “You truly can’t do life alone and sometimes unfortunately HIS Radio is all I have,” she wrote. “I knelt on my knees in my closet and just cried because then and there I did not feel so alone and defeated.”

His-Radio-Google-PLUS (2)To some people HIS Radio may be uplifting music, or morning traffic reports or a funny morning team. But to others it’s everything– it’s Christian community, it’s encouragement through the valleys, it’s God speaking into their lives.

HIS Radio teeThis edition of Operation Good Tee is a little different. I’m wearing a HIS Radio t-shirt today, but it’s not one you can purchase. However, you can support HIS Radio by calling 1-800-447-7234 or by visiting HISRadio.com. We’re in the middle of our spring FriendRaiser. Since we’re a listener supported radio station we rely on listeners to keep the ministry alive. While we have about 431,000 listeners every day, just 3% of those people keep us on the air with their generous gifts. So if you want to be a part of a ministry that is reaching people for Christ and encouraging other believers on their walk with God, please consider supporting HIS Radio!

FriendRaiser Call Now SquareHave a tee you’d like me to wear? Contact me with the info!

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