Operation Good Tee: Preemptive Love Coalition

In the last decade, Iraqis have experienced ten times more heart defects at birth compared to world averages. But Iraq’s once great medical infrastructure can’t serve these children, due to decades of war and internal battles. This has left an entire generation of children who desperately need surgery waiting for care. That’s where the Preemptive Love Coalition comes in. According to their website, they created the Remedy Mission – a pediatric cardiac training program that brings international heart surgery teams into Iraq to train locals and save children.

Iraq Baby

While heart surgery is incredibly expensive in the US, it’s much more affordable in Iraq. That means for as little as $650 you can save a child’s life by sponsoring a heart surgery. Another way you can help is by purchasing a tee from their online store. I’m wearing the “Love First, Ask Questions Later Tee”, which you can buy for just $25. Acclaimed designer Dana Tanamachi created the design.

March 11 tee

Governor Rick Perry happened to be in the building doing an interview on a talk radio show, but the HIS Morning Crew snagged a picture with him in the lobby. Who knows, he could be our next president so it would be pretty cool to have a picture with him!

Rick Perry

Have a tee you’d like me to wear? Contact me with the info!

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