Eight years ago today I was returning home from a life-changing trip to India with Set Free. Although that trip opened my eyes to some horrific atrocities, it also created a resolve in me to do something to be part of the solution. On World Water Day 2018 Crowdsourcing Kids was born. During each round of Crowdsourcing Kids, 50 kids join forces to each sell 10 elephants handmade by young ladies rescued from slavery. Those 50 kids raise enough money to drill a well in India. Since that day four years ago, we have drilled 7 kid-powered wells in India.

well 7 drink

Our latest well provided clean water for 9,562 people. It took the drilling crew three attempts before hitting fresh water. But they did not give up! Not only did this Crowdsourcing Kids well provide clean water for nearly 10,000 people, it also offered an opportunity to restore families and share the love of Christ. Through the drilling of the well, the Set Free partner pastor heard of children that were taken into slavery from the village. The pastor helped free 36 children from slavery and reunite them with their families in this village.

well 7 celebration

Let’s recap that and let it sink in…

  • Kids in America sold 500 handmade elephants, raising $6,250.
  • That money funded drilling a well that gave 9,562 people clean water.
  • Through the well-drilling, a visiting pastor helped free 36 children from slavery and reunite them with their families.
  • Thousands of villagers have heard the Gospel and many are part of a weekly Bible study.

Do you know what this means? Thanks to the power of compassionate kids we have given the gift of clean water to 21,517 people since we started just four short years ago. Isn’t that incredible? We’re proving that together, we can accomplish anything! I’d love for your kids to get involved in our next round of Crowdsourcing Kids!

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