It took Demi Skipper 28 trades and 18 months for her to get from bobby pin to house. I was so inspired by her story that I decided to conduct my own swap project in 2022. As I shared back in January, I started the year with a Chickfila nugget platter. It seemed fitting since I host the world’s only Chickfila fan podcast.

April Swap Update

My Completed Swaps

So far I’ve completed four swaps. The first few went fast but the double stroller took over a month. A couple of weeks ago I traded for the baby monitor and I’m still looking for a taker. Here are my four trades:

  1. From nuggets to Shaq Indoor Smokeless Grill
  2. From Shaq Indoor Smokeless Grill to faux marble desk
  3. From faux marble desk to Baby Trend Navigator Double Stroller
  4. From Baby Trend Navigator Double Stroller to Summer Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor Swap Project

About My Latest Swap

My last swap took a while. I received hundreds of messages from people interested in the baby stroller and a few times I thought I struck a deal with someone. But then they’d disappear. Finally I swapped the stroller for the baby monitor. It comes with two remote steering cameras and retails for about $247 brand new on Amazon. It’s got lots of great features like an 800-foot range, HD Moonlite Night Vision Boost and two-way talk back.

Baby Monitor Swap Project

Trades Take Time

I think going into this experiment I underestimated the time it would take to find a great swap. I have to sift through many offers before finding something that I feel would make a smart trade. So far I’ve received offers for old Chrome Books and antiquated video game consoles. I’m holding off for something like an older MacBook Pro, video gaming system, or a new Apple Watch. Using Demi’s trades as my inspiration, I’m hoping to get something in the gadget or electronic category. So far I’ve really only used Facebook Marketplace to conduct trades. It’s still a lot of fun to see where this journey takes me!


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