I’m embarking on a swap project. Did you hear the story of the lady who started with a bobby pin and kept trading it for bigger and better items until she ended up with a home?  It took Demi Skipper 28 trades and 18 months for her to get from bobby pin to house. (She was inspired by a Canadian man who started with a red paperclip and 14 trades later had a house.) Skipper also gained 5 million TikTok followers along the way. Here’s a recap of her journey and a look at her final trade:

@trademeproject The Final Trade 🥺🏠 #trademeproject #letsgetthishouse ♬ Inspiring and spectacular emotional epics(869013) – Minette

Starting the Swap Project with Chickfila Nuggets

I decided to give it a shot in 2022. I didn’t want to start with a bobby pin or a paperclip. But I wanted to start with something I didn’t have to spend money on. And since I host the world’s only Chickfila fan podcast I thought I’d start with something awesome. I used some of my ample stash of rewards points from my Chickfila app to swap a 30-count nugget platter. As you can imagine, I got a lot of offers for the nugget platter. One person even wanted to give me their dog in exchange for the food!

30 Count Chickfila Nugget TradeMy First Completed Swap

After much deliberation I decided on a very gently used SHAQ Indoor Smokeless Grill. Brand new the grill was over $100, but since you can’t really buy it any more I figured the value was around $40. I posted the grill on Facebook Marketplace and started working towards making my second swap.

Shaq Smokeless Indoor Grill

My Second Completed Swap

I got offers of costume jewelry, a softball bat, and an outdoor chair. But ultimately I landed on a nice looking faux-marble desk with gold hair pin legs. I drove about 20 minutes to pick up the desk and at first I was bummed because it didn’t seem to be in very good shape. Turns out it was just really dirty and needed some new screws. I cleaned it up and took some nice photos of it. Then I posted it on Facebook Marketplace.

Faux Marble Desk

High Trade Demand for the Desk

I woke up to hundreds of messages from people interested in the desk. I received some great offers! Baby gear, furniture, and a skincare mini fridge were among the contenders. I really wanted to swap it for a nice dining set, but when I realized I’d have to drive an hour each way to get it, I instead decided to swap the desk for a double jogger stroller. It’s in great condition and brand new sells for $249.99.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Stroller

January Recap

Trade #1: Chickfila Nuggets to Shaq Indoor Smokeless Grill

Trade #2: Shaq Indoor Smokeless Grill to Faux-Marble Desk

Trade #3: Faux-Marble Desk to Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

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