Despite the pandemic, kids around the country sold handmade elephants in 2020 to help us drill TWO new wells through our partner, Set Free. Wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Learn about how Crowdsourcing Kids got its start and get a quick update on all the wells we’ve drilled so far. Crowdsourcing Kids Frank and BlaiseThe second well for the year was funded because of kids that sold our first-ever round of ornament elephants. Thanks to a hardworking group of volunteers, we attached beads to each elephant to turn them into adorable ornaments for your Christmas tree! We also sold elephants at holiday craft fairs and through local retailers in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Crowdsourcing Kids Well 6

This well in the village of Ramalayam Street, Ramuda, India brought clean water to 3,985 people! Here are the details as explained by Set Free’s Communication Director, Claire:

Before the drilling of this deep well, the remote village of Ramalayam Street, Ramudaremote relied on wells that were hand-dug decades back. Their water tables had depleted and they had run dry. Until you helped drill this new deep well, the villagers were responsible for collecting water in nearby villages for their families. Because of this, many children were not attending school because the task of collecting water often fell on them.

Crowdsourcing Kids Well 6

Just like here, this village has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic. Immune systems were weakened for so long by dirty water that many in the village were having a hard time fighting the virus. With this gift of clean water, health conditions have drastically improved! The villages are so thankful for this gift.

Do you know what this means? Thanks to the power of compassionate kids we have given the gift of clean water to 11,955 people since we started just three short years ago. Isn’t that incredible? We’re proving that together, we can accomplish anything! Want to get your kids involved in our next round of Crowdsourcing Kids? Sign up now at


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