Paddleboarding is one of my favorite pass times. Nothing beats the feeling of floating along the water of a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains. It checks all the boxes for me:

  • Paddle boarding involves beautiful surroundings.
  • It’s peaceful.
  • It’s a great workout.
  • And now, it’s free!

Renting Paddle Boards in the Upstate of South Carolina

I used to have to rent a paddle board every time I went. My favorite place to paddle board near where I live is Lake Jocasse and renting a board from Eclectic Sun for four hours costs $40. Not a bad hourly rate, but when you have to rent two boards it ends up being quite pricey. I did find a place in Spartanburg at Lake Cooley that rented boards for just $10 for two hours. They were shut down for quite a while during COVID, but it looks like they are back open! That was a great little lake for paddle boarding.

I have also rented boards from Upstate Paddle Board located on Saluda Lake. I was also limited to going to lakes where rentals are available. But that all changed on my birthday!

My New paddle board

My Very Own Paddle Board

My family surprised me on my birthday with my very own paddle board! It’s a Serene Life and it comes with everything you need to get going including a pump and a paddle. It’s an inflatable paddle board which is a great option if you don’t have a roof rack, or if you are concerned about being able to get the board on the water by yourself! My board is a beautiful shade of green and it includes straps to secure my flip flops and even a portable speaker so I can listen to music (or podcasts!) out on the water.

Ali and Phani on Lake Jocasse

Paddle Boarding With Kids

While I do love a solo paddle boarding trip now and then, it’s also a fun family activity. My kids are 5 and 8 and can’t quite manage a board by themselves. So my husband and I each let a kiddo ride on the front of our boards. We also give them a chance to practice standing up, balancing, and paddling with us right behind them. Soon they’ll be ready for their own boards!

Paddle Board Accessories

Pumping this inflatable paddle board up by hand is no big deal for my husband. For me, it was more work than I care to participate in. LOL! Especially considering I want to get out on the water and don’t want to spend my time huffing and puffing in the parking lot! So after my first solo paddle boarding trip, I ordered an electric pump. It hooks up to the cigarette lighter in the back of my SUV and I love it! I also recommend a waterproof pouch for your iPhone and a dry bag for holding things like your car keys and snacks.

Me and my husband on Lake Jocasse

Of course, I also recommend some great sunscreen and a yellow swimsuit, because, well, yellow is such a happy color! So if you need me this summer, chances are I’ll be exploring some new lakes on my paddle board. If you enjoy paddle boarding, please let me know where you like to get out on the water!

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