Chip and Jo Gaines’ Magnolia Network officially launched July 15 with shows centered around community, home, garden, food, wellness, entrepreneurship and design. And after nearly a year of keeping one of the biggest secrets of my life I finally have the greenlight to share my big news. I’m featured on Magnolia Network! The show First Time Fixer, follows the journeys of newbie home renovators as they fumble their way through fixing up a home. When you watch Season 2 of First Time Fixer on Magnolia Network you’ll see me, my husband Tim and my kids, Sammy and Phani, as we work to turn a rundown house once used as a church, into a cozy, modern retreat for our family. Our episode is called “Taking on a Carolina Clunker” and it premiers Friday, November 12.

Getting Ready to Shoot

First Time Fixer in Greenville, SC

I am honored to represent my community of Greenville, South Carolina on Magnolia Network. Due to COVID, and the nature of the show’s concept, we shot most of the show ourselves using iPhones. Given my background in television and my love of visual storytelling, I absolutely loved this. The producers sent us a gear kit in the fall of 2020 and we got moving! I tried to feature local businesses and artists in our episode. When you watch the episode you’ll spot artwork by Greenville-based artists Joseph Bradley, Meredith Piper, Olive + Grey, and Emily Jeffords. There are also pieces by Nashville-based artist Laci Fowler.

Artwork by Joseph Bradley

Is First Time Fixer Real?

Our experience fixing up our first home will forever be captured on the show First Time Fixer. It’s a time capsule of our highs and lows, tears and laughs. Like anyone who has attempted a large-scale renovation, we had undependable contractors and terrible customer service experiences. We also had generous neighbors and selfless friends who willingly shared their wisdom and time with us as we worked diligently to stick to our budget. Jerry Blassingame from Soteria at Work turned out to be a HUGE blessing to us. I loved incorporating my passion for saving money with my love of visual storytelling and home design.

Jerry Blassingame from Soteria at Work

Shows on Magnolia Network

Chip and Joanna created an amazing collection of shows featuring creatives like Erin Benzakein, founder of Floret Flower Farm, for a show called Glowing Floret about her quest to build an organic flower farm in Washington. The couple known as Johnnyswim are in a series called The Johnnyswim Show, following their journey as musicians performing and traveling across the country with their family in a tour bus. If you were a fan of Fixer Upper, then you probably remember Waco woodworker Clint Harp, who now has his own show Restoration Road on Magnolia Network. Some of my other favorite Magnolia Network shows include:

  • The Lost Kitchen: About a historic mill-turned-restaurant in Freedom, Maine that only accepts reservations by postcard.
  • Inn the Works: a series following a woman’s journey to renovate a rundown campground in Big Bear, California.
  • Super Dad: my kids love Taylor Calmus from the Due Dad Youtube Channel. He builds extreme, one-of-a-kind projects for kids.

Jennifer, Jessica and Alison Storm

Do You Have Joanna Gaines’ Phone Number?

Now that my secret is out, I’m sure this is a question I’ll be hearing repeatedly: do you have Joanna Gaines’ phone number? No, I do not. I have yet to meet Chip or Jo, but two of my dear childhood friends were bridesmaids in Chip and Jo’s wedding. (That’s us at our 20-year high school reunion a few years back!) Chip and Jo made an appearance in several episodes of First Time Fixer, but they did not appear in our episode. They mainly appeared in the episodes shot in or near Waco, Texas. Although I would have loved Jo’s design advice I’m extremely happy with the way the home turned out. I’ll share more about the design in upcoming posts so sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss any of the insider details!

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